Consumer Advocacy

Forms of Consumers Feedback

When having a business order your product well known in the industry it needs to be advertised. With the help of advertising your product or service well easily got promoted to consumers. If the consumers experience the product or service you will not even know if they satisfied or not. We have what you called consumer feedback to know the side of our consumers.

There are many forms of consumer’s feedback but I’ll just give the most commonly used form such as suggestion box, online feedback, mail feedback, session feedback and call feedback.

Suggestion Box - is the easiest form of feedback and commonly used especially in establishments such as stores, restaurant, gym etc. Just write it on the paper and drop it on the box.

Online Feedback - is the modern way to give feedback to the company by email, online forms and forums networks. The online feedback is the best way to post feedbacks even the retailers are far away.
Mail Feedback – is the way to write a feedback by mailing a letter to the company address.

Session Feedback
– is the form of feedback where consumers invited in a session. This is the easy way consumers to interact their concern personally to the retailers.

Call Feedback
– is the form of feedback that consumer allow to call the customer service department or the company. In other companies the customer service is the one to communicate their clients to ask feedback.

The consumer’s feedback has important value in business because they are the way to know the doubts of a company and what consumer needs.

Resolving Customers Complaints

For successful business you will not able to reach the top, unless you won’t face any challenges. The big challenge will be encounter in business is the customer complaints. Especially when the customers express anger when having complaints but still we have to be patient and understand them.

What will be able to do to resolve customer’s complaints? When receiving complaints from a customer the first thing must do is to have an apology. Give apology to them in their disappointing experience even they misinterpret, misunderstood or mistakenly the problem. Showing an apology to the customers they felt the sincerity to entertain their concerns. It is also calms down the anger and frustration when voicing their complaints.

After listening to their explanation with his or her concerns, explain your side and relate back to the customer complaints with your own understanding of the product or services. Let them feel they are important, special or valued. Give them assurance and fix the customers problem as soon as possible. The customer will feel happy that they are valued.

Handling your customer complaints in such a nice way, you have a successful business for the future.